Saturday, 1 November 2014

Des Duyvels Doedelsack -"Het Duizelt De Staketsels & Snerpt Door De Kathedralen, Het Ruisen Der Vleesch" (Pidoewa P1/P2/P3 , 1983)

More classic post punk, communal free form improvisation from Hans Boogmans and chums. Three c-60`s in one lovely package released on their own Pidoewa label.
This is the Netherlands answer to Danny and the Dressmakers` 4 and a half hour long rock opera, "200 Cancellations", which was also a three Cassette release; although the Dressmakers were far more serious about their music than these fellows were. Which is probably why Hans commited suicide in 1998.

DOWNLOAD het duizelt de staketsels (P1)HERE!DOWNLOAD snerpt door de kathedralen (P2) HERE!DOWNLOAD het ruisen der vleesch(P3) HERE!

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