Saturday 7 December 2013

Various Artists - "Deleted Funtime - various toons by various loons" (Deleted Records DEC 009) 1980

Another classic UK DIY compilation cassette, up there with "No New York", "Nuggets" and "Hicks from the Sticks" in its influential majesty.
This tape was as exciting to the skint 16 year old Zchivago,as was the Sex Pistols LP three years earlier. The fact that you got all this weird noise for just 60p plus a self addressed envelope was a revelation; yes some people out there DO really mean it after all! The £3:99 I paid for "Never Mind the Bollocks" seemed an unjustifiable rip-off, by some cynical fashion clique in London that had little or nothing to do with us 'Outsiders' living in the provinces.
From here, one could merely send a blank tape and an SAE to an address, to gain access to endless numbers of cassettes from marginalised non-musicians and misfits from all over the UK; and they were listed in the insert.
Among the more well know faces we have hidden gems from such creatures as Lurch, Heddon Street W1, and Duo Elettronica.Units of Pleasure are especially good, sort of a semi-instrumental zero-fi cross between Joy Division and Dick Dale, without either tunes or surf board.(Surf Division for a concept anyone?)
 The sound quality is reassuringly abysmal, except for, tape compilers ,the Instant Automatons, tracks; which I suspect had a lot less number of cassette generations behind them (a sort of accidental version of the old rock trick of giving the support act the crap PA). The Digital Dinosaurs could obviously play their instruments, them being post-hippie types, but their tunes are nearly all classic pop toons and can do no wrong; even if they did have beards.
 There ain't a shite track on this c-90, but then again I am well known for liking, what Henry and Henrietta Normal would call, 'Shiote'(sic).
Like it says on the insert," Don't worry about the tape'll get used to it!".......I did,or is that my tinnitus?


A1 –Missing Persons - Chemical Solutions 0:49
A2 –Units Of Pleasure - Another Form Of Art 0:48
A3 –Colin Potter - Power 4:48
A4 –Stabmental Thin Veil Of Blood 3:03
A5 –The Midnight Circus - Obsession 3:00
A6 –391 - Prisoner Of The Living Room 2:28
A7 –1,2,3, I Ddrim - Ystafell 54 1:04
A8 –The Door And The Window - Habits 2:35
A9 –The Electric Bereaved - Duty To The Empire 2:22
A10 –The Digital Dinosaurs - Fingers And Thumbs 4:04
A11 –Missing Persons - Richard Nixon At The Oxford Union 1:07
A12 –Lurch - Single Symphony Excerpt 2:01
A13 –Percy Faeces - Pray For The Boys At The Front 2:43
A14 –The Instant Automatons - Mr McPhee 1:56
A15 –The Mystic Umbrellas - Journey To The West 3:48
A16 –The Everchanging Face Drummer Boy 3:14
A17 –Units Of Pleasure - Forces Of Joy 1:19
A18 –The Digital Dinosaurs - Walking Out 1:59
B1 –The Digital Dinosaurs - Bouncing Back 2:16
B2 –Units Of Pleasure - Acueforpure 2:33
B3 –Merz - Spud-Dream 3:00
B4 –The Door And The Window - Human Touch 3:20
B5 –Missing Persons - Acoustics In The Atomic Age 1:36
B6 –Duo Elettronica - Duo Elettronica Tape Excerpt
B7 –Colin Potter - Bogey Man
B8 –The Bonfires - Drumfall
B9 –Mic Woods - Little Girl 3:53
B10 –The Instant Automatons - Disillusion 3:14
B11 –The Midnight Circus - Pre-Natal Counselling 3:04
B12 –Alien Brains - Alien Brains Excerpts 3:43
B13 –Home Brew - Home Brew Tape Excerpt 2:45
B14 –Eyes In The Dark - At Six O' Clock 2:57
B15 –Heddon Street W1 - We Wanna Pogo 1:49
B16 –Missing Persons - Negatives 2:54

DOWNLOAD an alternative funtime HERE!


Exeter said...

This would appear to be of interest to music nerds like myself...

Jonny Zchivago said...

We need music nerds, but haven't you got this already?
Plenty more where this came from.

Unknown said...

Wow ... I've just found out on discogs that Stabmental was an industrial duo consisting of Tom Craig and ... Geoff Rushton, aka: John Balance, barely 18 at the time. This little piece is the only thing they ever released.
"They did two concerts and recorded a full length cassette titled "Hidden Fears" which was never released. Geoff and Tom also published a fanzine under the name Stabmental."
Thnx for the good work!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Well I never did!....excellent detective work. Sounds like the perfect pop career to me.If only more artistes did the same?

Andy Tithesis said...

Damn dude you are everywhere I want to be. Thanx!