Friday, 10 April 2020

Various Artists - "Experiments In Disintegrating Language" (Arts Council of Great Britain ‎– AC 1971) 1971

I can just imagine Bob Cobbing standing up in the middle of that Bus from the previous post...."Spoke- New Scottish Voices", and doing one of his sound poems. He would have received a pretty comprehensive kicking.....and maybe worse from the one called 'Chick',who would have probably slashed him and then claimed authorship of the poem that caused all this aggro in the first place.
Y'see, the deliberatly uneducated,or the conditioned factory/family fodder, don't like to be made aware of their lack of education,and the educated classes are prone to rub their faces in it from time to time.Result...violence.
If poetry like this has to be performed it must be done in a sealed room,with like-minded people, or receive the wrath of the underclass who really wish it was them doing it; but, as they are on the sharp end of the big stick of repression wielded by both their own species,and the ruling elite,this really isn't an option,except for the very brave.
I, not proudly I may add, came from one of these working class ghetto's, and if anyone strayed from the accepted path,like going to University,or passing exams, the naked envy was painful....sometimes lierally.Like smokers who resent any of their demographic group actually giving up something that gives you cancer.They will persist in offering the ex-smoker in their social group a Carcinogenic product to which they are hopelessly addicted. The underclass are also hopelessly addicted to hopelessness,and hate anyone who 'gets out',and they hate anyone who's different to them,as much as the elite hate anyone to get above their station when they were earmarked for factory fodder, or breeding factory fodder. The trouble is,robots can do all this, so what's gonna happen to the 'underclass'?...I know, an epidemic.The necessary humans will have been least that will rid us of those ridiculous 'anti-vaxxers' I pray?
As we are living through an experiment in disintigrating civilisation at the moment.It only seems fitting that this British Arts Council funded album, featuring Bob Cobbing and cohorts,and the only appearence of Bob's group, 'Konkrete Canticle', experimenting with abstractions of the spoken word is ushered forth to represent those missing citizens in the form of the missing letters in these sentences.The silences between the letters can be regarded as a space where a human being one stood.The victims of this avoidable pandemic. 
I'm not usually one for pathos,but the empty applause that is ringing in the streets of the UK and elsewhere, to patronize our underpaid health workers, when before this crisis the government continuously failed to support them (and will do so again in the future), is a cheap veneer over the horrific facts that are already seeping through the cracks. The gaps, the silences, represent individuals reduced to nothing more than a statistic, a mass grave of numbers.
But as uncle Joe Stalin said, "When one dies, it is a tragedy. When a million die, it is merely a statistic."
Indeed I do apologise for the uncharateristic humanity of my writing in this case.I know you expect me to say something like, "well that's a few thousand pensioners who were gonna die anyway off the planet";but I don't wanna sound like a stuck groove do I?....nonetheless, this pandemic shit does offer an opportunity for a new way forward.A few necessary lessons from Communism perhaps? A world wide decision to sequestrate the vast wealth of individuals,and redistribute it....this doesn't mean the end of capitalism of course,just a fairer, dare I say, greener, capitalism..for all!?...even for our chums in the Underclass.They can be camps.....far away from me!
Nah!'ll never work.....we're well and truly,in the disintegrating words of Charles Verey, 'f ck d'!!!


A1 –Charles Verey - Blood Rumba
A2 –Charles Verey - Morning Was
A3 –Neil Mills - Seven Number Poems
A4 –Thomas A. Clark - Spell For Sarah
A5 –Charles Verey - Some Very Idle Diamonds Reset For John Ruskin
A6 –Neil Mills - Gong Poem
A7 –Neil Mills - Squalinda
A8 –Thomas A. Clark - Some Flowers
A9 –Charles Verey - 
r t e p gr a
A10 –Charles Verey - n annu eve
A11 –Charles Verey - 
f yo o t Ne toKi
A12 –Charles Verey - ip og it u
A13 –Charles Verey - Cry Jim Sped
A14 –Charles Verey - whi  ing & wou ing  tend her
A15 –Neil & Elaine Mills Number Poem For Two Voices (Two Sections)
A16 –Thomas A. Clark Mantra
B1 –Konkrete Canticle - Breeze
B2 –Konkrete Canticle - Ga(il s)o(ng)
B3 –Konkrete Canticle - Coacervate Poem
B4 –Konkrete Canticle - Energygalaxy

B5 -Konkrete Canticle - Suesequence
B6 –Konkrete Canticle - Astound
B7 –Konkrete Canticle - A Sandwich Poem
B8 –Konkrete Canticle - Hymn To The Sacred Mushroom


Anonymous said...

I hope that cockroaches can post comments. Only them and your true self seem fit to survive this and other armaggedon scenarios.
Most possibly they'll have sharper words about this records than we can produce.
Stay safe man. All the best.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Cockroaches will inherit the earth....what there is left of it.
Stay away from humans.

Tiny Malice said...

There is absolutely no reason whatsoever for you apologize, my good man. Nobody really gave two shits what you felt, anything - before this. The pandemic has changed nothing.

All is right with the world.