Saturday 25 April 2020

Mabuki Junko - "Ai No Dorei (Slave Of Love)" (Victor Records) 1980

My definition of "Avant Cheese" is turning out to be anything about sex it seems?
But it certainly fits into the DIY bracket, as in DIY sex for one category.
From the film, uncontroversially entitled, "All Women Are Whores", is the spoken word and dulcet singing tones of Mabuki Junko,who plays the Love Slave in question. Lots of whip action and crying going on here,and a surfeit of groaning;its more about pain than pleasure this time. There always seems to be a crying track in these Jap soft porn flicks. But it begs the question,What kind of perv bashes his bishop whilst listening to a imprisoned woman being whipped and crying,obviously in distress?You should be ashamed of yourself you filthy rotten disgusting excuse for a creepy perv bastard that you are!Crawl back under the rock that shat you out and diiiieeee!...right thats me sorted, who's next?
If this film was made and directed by some swedish art-house director called ,for example, Jurgen Harbormaster,the darling of the critics. This would be lauded as high art...but if its made by a bunch of depraved Jap's, its Smut! A payback for the Burma Railway perhaps?


1 おもいで酒 = Omoide-zake 8:17
2 ふて節 = Fute-bushi 3:51
3 昭和枯れすすき = Shôwa Kare-susuki 14:41
4 ミスター・ロンリー = Mr. Lonely 1:24
5 みちづれ = Michizure 8:19
6 花街の母 = Hanamachi No Haha 11:51
7 理由もなく = Wake Mo Naku 3:07


Fujiyama Mama said...

She's got her Corona mask on and everything. What a good little girl.

northfieldhat said...

In the youtube clip he is, in fact, pounding his meat.

Jonny Zchivago said...

One visual metaphor very well spotted...we'll make an artist of you yet.
For my whole English Lit A level course ,all we talked about were sexual imagery,phallic symbolism and sexual fact all art forms are full of pervs lets face it!

Jonny Zchivago said...

@ fujiyama mama yes its good to see soft porn taking the moral ground where pandemics are concerned. A damn good whipping instead of penetrative sex, and various mask types. The whip also ensures complance with the rules, and keeps the flagellator a safe distance of two metres away. Although the potential of splashing blood from wounds is a point of concern.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm, sweeet pusyyyyyy