Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Ivor Cutler ‎– "Prince Ivor" (Rough Trade ‎– ROUGH 89) 1986

Yet more priceless BBC recordings from the turn of the eighties on Radio Three. Several short surreal plays broadcast on the BBC wavelength largely reserved for Classical music. Ivor's fans certainly crossed the generation gap and effortlessly appealed to persons of all musical tastes;especially as this was released by Rough Trade,the numero uno Post-Punk label of the time.
One must give credit to the anonymous character actors (Bill Wallis,Glynis Brooke,Malcolm Hayes etc) who back up Ivor's words with some effortless brilliance.One must also give praise to the unsung heroes of the BBC sound effects department.


1. Silence (01-04-1979)
2. Ivor Cutler and the Mermaid (06-21-1980)
3. Ivor Cutler And The Mole (6-22-1980)
4. Ivor Cutler And A Barber (12-22-1981)
5. Ivor Cutler And The Paperseller (12-24-1981)
6. Ivor Cutler And A Storeman (12-26-1981)
7. Ivor Cutler And The Princess (6-23-1980)
8. A Miner Is Approached By Ivor Cutler (12-30-1981)
9. Ivor Cutler And His Dad (6-24-1980)
10.A Sheet Metal Worker Is Approached By Ivor Cutler(1-1-1982)
11.Ivor Cutler And A Small Holder (12-28-1981)
12.Prince Ivor (3-20-1980)

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Anonymous said...

Sweet Jesus Jonny, you just hit the G spot again, thank you!

wixab said...
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Moahaha said...

Prince Ivor the "titletrack" might just be my favorite recording of his. Julianne Mason - whoever she is, is also brilliant.

(looking forward to check out those Peel-sessions shares, which I've never heard)

northfieldhat said...

He was welcome in any creative universe. He was in the movie Magical Mystery Tour and on Virgin Records in the 70's. Robert Wyatt recorded "Grass" by him, And Ivor was on Rock Bottom. I was glad when he was on Rough Trade because he was still occupying that same ground in relation to the other arts.