Thursday, 16 April 2020

Larry Wendt ‎– "Mythologiques" (Ocean Records/Composer Cassettes ‎– Vol.4) 1975

All I've got to say about this early Larry Wendt cassette has been said in my post on the later Wendt work "Sound Poems For An Era Of Reduced Expectations"
So, as this came with a pamphlet in the words of Larry himself, you can read about it in the great man's own blurb below. Even though I don't approve of artists explaining themselves, it saves me from straining my brane trying to think of something amusing to say.....suely I'm entitled to a day off....this tape is ridiculously good by the way,lots of spooky whispering,which is always the trade mark of the shy artist working alone in a room with family members near-by or arsehole neighbours ready with threats of phone calls to the authorities...or worse ....take it away Lazza.......

A1 Annabelle’s Song
A2 Lost Among Dead Giants
A3 Pandora
A4 Berlin Adonis
A5 Sparten From The Start
A6 Log π Sutra

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