Wednesday 1 April 2020

Nick Toczek ‎– "Nik Tockzek's Ulterior Motives The Tape" (Bluurg Tapes ‎– BLUURG49) 1985

As Ranters go, Nick Toczek sems the one most likely to have a semi-detatched house,and kiss his wife goodbye on the doorstep as he goes to a gig,His poetry hidden in a smart briefcase,and his stage gear in a small backpack. His address is in Bradford, the same patch as Seething Wells, but not much of a Yorkshire accent is to be heard in his delivery...which is agood thing.
He performs his poems in much more of a story-telling style than most of his contemporaries,and rarely reverts to being shouty,or expectorating spittle with each percussive consonant.
It's alright, but remember, poetry's for Puffs!

DOWNLOAD more smartarse poetry HERE!


Pisŧöff said...

Looking forward to checking this out Jonny. Thanks for keeping an even keel through the maelstrom.

Ian said...

Hmm. Your description, coupled with cheeky cover art using whimsical vintage illustrations, spells trouble.

Jonny Zchivago said...

And trouble you will find. Not something I'd play to show off to a girl.

northfieldhat said...

All these ranters have the worst cover art! And when they are seen, they sport a kind of insane or wild look on their face. "I'm out of control!" How was that supposed to be an assurance of quality? It functions as a warning, really. Like a dude wearing a backwards baseball cap, or going shirtless on the neighborhood street.

Jonny Zchivago said...

@ northfieldhat.... yes,as i said it was a regular occurance at the pub gigs i went to in the eighties to have one of these clones as first support act.There was never anybody there to listen except his two mates who looked like him....and yes ,he would have had that "I'm Out Of Control" look on his face, with varying hairstyles to boot. Crap cover art too, because they were crap at everything they did.They really wanted to be in a band but couldn'y play any instruments or sing. Second choice was to write for Melody Maker,but they weren't even good enough for for third choice, comedy...forget it.
Of course John Cooper Clarke is exempt from this character assination wot i just wrote.

Anonymous said...

Super artykuł. Pozdrawiam serdecznie.