Monday, 27 April 2020

Eric Weber ‎– "Picking Up Girls Made Easy" (Symphony Press ‎– EW-1356) 1975

If you're a record geek, or an idiot, or gay trying to seem straight, this is the supreme guide on how NOT to pick up girls,and keep your virginity intact.
Who this idiot Eric Weber was is anyone's guess,but you can speculate that,like a lot of people who read this blog,he is likely a bespectacled geek and,very much, a drooling and desperate virgin.
Hear Mike,who'd be named Mr Dick Head in this modern era, in bird-pulling action action on the streets of Dallas involving complimenting the Woman...sorry... Chick, with the unfeasably large breasts on her Hair, then lying to her about being an advertising executive. The chick in question herself, sounds like Dick Emery,as Mandy,the "Ooooo you are awful,but I like you" character", as seen on British TV in the Seventies. A time and space that stands outside of reality in its sheer perfection.
Chicks like Art!? Chicks in Libraries are probably as bored as you are!? Chicks like ballet,but Guys wouldn't be seen dead there,so less competition!? Are just a couple of the nuggets of information that I learned from this cring-fest of a 'How To...' record. I had to listen to this in the same way I'd watch a Donald Trump press conference,with my hands over my eyes and ears seeing and listening through the fingers of my hand. You will not feel proud to be male with either of these unfortunate experiences, or in the case of a Trump speech,you will not feel proud to be male, or, human.
It is a jolly jape however, because all this was amazingly so alright in the seventies?


A1 The Street Pick Up
A2 Love In The Library
A3 Single's Bar Action
A4 Woman's Clothing Store Pick Up
B1 The Ballet Is A Ball
B2 Museum Pick Up
B3 Walking The Dog
B4 Pick Up At The Beach


Bill said...

I have to thank you for all of these pervo recordings! Now with this little piece of software, I am going to listen to them all--at the same time! Bwahhhaahaha! (Ahem.)

Studly Dudley said...

I am so on this. And then I am so gonna be on something else. Hur hur hur....

rev.b said...

Given a choice between this and a trump speech.... At least the stupidity here is funny.

MrDave said...

"little piece of software" -- at least your humble Bill!

Unfortunately, lying manipulative assholes like Mr. Weber seem to get "lucky" a lot more than the sensitive type that hangs around esoteric music blogs (e.g. me when I was a single guy).