Saturday, 25 April 2020

Ike Reiko -"恍惚の世界 / World Of Ecstasy" (Teichiku Records ‎– SL-1375) 1971

So somebody had to mention 'Avant Cheese' didn't they? wanted it and boy are you gonna get it!
The way that Ike caresses that conical ended phallic microphone kinda suggests what you're gonna be in for,but its weirder than that. 
Staunch womens libber, Ike.....okay...i made that bit up.... But isn't it a womans right to unfurl her medium sized breasts to earn a crust? She might have been just, hot?.....don't judge her.
Thw whole thing sounds like the 'male' producer tried to just record half an hour of Ms. Reiko moaning and groaning into that conical ended phallus she had in her sensitive fingers;but, afterwards had the idea to get some 'erotic' lyrics together. Beneath the saucey singing, and first generation moaning,is a constant degraded third generation analogue tape copy of Ike's original groan-fest.At times it sounds like a dog whining at dinner time in the house next door.Other times like creaking floorboards,or a Baby writhing in a crib.Which is interesting because some versions of this are called,inexplicably, "You,Baby"!?
There are inevitably some pervy japanese behaviours betrayed in the song titles. Like 'Love Slave' which includes sounds of Flagellation with Ike clearly enjoying it.I dread to imagine what "Dawn Scat" is all about...mum,i'm frightened!
The library music backing tacks are suitably sleazy,and possibly ideal love-making music for under 18's....excuse me while I walk casually bent double to relieve myself in the Urinate thank you very much, not masturbate!!!...what kind of person do you lot think I am!?.....oh, yeah, a Loudmouth Tosser, I forgot.


1 The Woman Cannot Help It 3:19
2 It Is This Twilight 2:45
3 Vertigo 2:35
4 It Stops The Rain 3:02
5 Dawn Scat 3:02
6 I'm A Woman Named 3:08
7 Wandering Guitar 2:39
8 Angel 2:54
9 Experience 2:43
10 Rainy Day Blues 2:38
Love Slave 2:54
12 Chords Of Love 3:20


badgerstump said...

Nah ... gobshite but I suppose Loudmouth Tosser covers it adequately.

I'm not sure where the ecstasy is coming from, in the top picture it looks like she is curling one out. Maybe she's just got back from a festival and it's the first opportunity to have a tidy one ... and Dawn Scatting? it involves cheese graters, it's better not to know!

MrDave said...

Clearly this deserves a prominent place on my music shelf. Nothing like endless moaning to clear the aural pallet after all that endless whining you've inflicted on your followers!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Stop Whining and start wanking Mr Dave,I know its obviously something you're good at. xx

MrDave said...

Sorry Johnny, I hope you didn't think I was referring to your insightful and entertaining commentary as whining! I was just slagging on some of the long run of spoken word art in the spirit of the blog. I come here for your wit and wisdom at least as much as the music!

Jonny Zchivago said...

No problems Dave,my fault for no getting the sentiment right! Now you've complimented me i'll bathe in this glory in true Trumpian style and claim full credit for my own genius.