Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Judy Garland ‎– "Judy Garland Speaks!" (Mad Deadly Worldwide Communist Gangster Computer God ‎– DEC-9) 1966

Fuck! If i hear another fucking Sound Poet i'm gonna get as drunk as Judy Garland/Ethel Gumm, is on this tape and start slagging off Vinyl-On -Demand again!...was gonna post some Henri Chopin.....but...nah...if you have a spare 200 euro's plus P&P,you can buy Chopin's entire works from HERE!(yep...VOD),and the meagre proceeds will go to Henri himself in sound poets valhalla....ahhh,but you haven't heard any have you?....i have one Cassette,called "Ouvres",but its on the box set!.....don't wanna upset this Frank Bull pocket Branson person anymore so,if you want to hear before you buy,e-mail me or use the comments section....and i promise not to use unauthorised photography or intellectual property !Nudge Nudge Wink wink;). 
So,Lets raise the bar with some home-taped DIY celebrity trash,from Friend of the Kray Twins and tragic child star Judy Garland.....yes, 'Dorothy' from one of thee most psychedelic movies ever made, "The Wizard Of Oz", and ,ironically, "A Star Is Born"....or, in this case, a Star is Burnt Out, or Dead. Its like an audio book version of Kenneth Anger's 'Hollywood Babylon',but read by the stars about themselves.....the ones who didn't commit suicide at least?
If you wanna know which direction in life the Red Brick road takes you instead of listening to the Munchkins and taking the Yellow option, then this recording makes it clear. The Red option is booze, prescription meds and bitterness,but, the yellow one is even worse, it takes you to Kansas!!!
By the time this bitter old soak made these drunken ramblings(Not Me!...Judy!?) , the only part she could get in the remake of the Wizard of Oz would be the wicked witch of the west...thats the one Auntie Em's house fell on.
This is what happens when dreams come true too early in life, the curse of early peaking,as many a poop star will testify to. Being crushed by Auntie Em's falling house of fame. A kind of post-traumatic stress disorder,but your flashbacks are captured on film,and in this case, audio tape.Recorded as an attempt to begin writing her autobiography in about 1966.She is obviously very drunk and very very Bitter, and it makes for both sad and entertaining listening. She only had three years to live after these recordings,which degrade in quality the drunker she gets.
Its full of gems like: 
"Living Legends don't go on rollercoasters, but I've been put on one,and its been a damn fast ride!".....yes she is referring to herself as a Living a dead one if you didn't know.
Then we get some grade 'A' self pity: 
"I tried my damnedest to believe in that Rainbow I tried to get over and couldn't.....lots of people don't....but so what, i'm not lots of people...i'm ME!...and I'm the one who's  had to live with ME!
I've sung, I've Entertained, I've pleased your children,I've pleased your wives, I've even pleased you ,you sons of Bitches! listen or get out of my GODDAMNED LIFE!" (You lot listening?)
Yes, we've all tried to get over that my case it was Ritchie Blackmore's horrible group called Rainbow...a scar that will never heal!...i'm gonna listen to Yes's "Fragile for the first time this if i never post anything again you had better inform the authorities of my suspected death.
We all like to see a star crumble,but they're human beingss too,like a few of us are, allegedly;there's also something very sad,and poignantly true about this insight into the torturous world of celebrity,and the human condition. Be careful what you dream of because it might just come true;even worse come true very early in life.
As little Billy Borroughs said, "The way to kill a man,woman or a nation, (or a child star) is to cut off (her) dreams" is the evidence.
Love from your own Loudmouthed Tosser who would definitely go on a rollercoaster......Hey, I just thought....I suppose those Judy Garland quotes could be applicable to me,or even Frank Wankie Woo of VOD?...."Now listen or get out of my GODDAMNED LIFE!"


1 Obvious Nazi Machine 6:10
2 Plane Crash 5:12
3 Outraged (Long Rant) 35:22
4 Don't Make A Joke Of Me Anymore 5:52
5 In Love With People 2:25
6 Get The Hell Out Of My Life 6:51
7 Humor, Tears, Fun, Emotion, And Love 1:31
8 And Now, Ladies And Gentlemen 0:59
9 All I Want Is Money 8:57
10 They Must Pay 8:33
11 How Do You Feel? 4:33
12 Since I Lost My Man 3:42
13 Absolutely Outrageous 1:29


_sto said...

I mean... if Henri is off limits why not post something by his brother Frederic, that might even calm the nerves of Frank OD

Jonny Zchivago said...

I think brother fred, apart from being no relation to Henri, has bigger arseholes who have got his back,and his music gets featured in Hollywood movies and shit....i got deleted before because i dared post an cassette album with a cover version of a Beatles tune by The Cleaners From Venus...Apple Corps....whoever owns them these days?
Not many in general give me shit....Nine Circles don't like me,something to do with referring to the young lady involved as under-age etc....Crawling Chaos..bastard number one....half of Zoviet France,one of them is alright....Chris and Cosey threatened law action.......Whitehouse/Come org are alright because he asked politely.....and some DIY groups singers widow,of which i have forgotten the name.....apart from them there has been nothing but gratitude,even when i take the piss.

Jonny Zchivago said... can get all of Chopin's work at Ubu web:

Ian said...

Bless you Jonny! Hollywood, a tragic childhood, a bottle of scotch...and a-waaaay we go!

Biggus Dickus said...

Bennett's such a cunt though. You should post his shit anyway, just to annoy him.

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rev.b said...

A prime example why, when imbibing to excess, I make a point of keeping my goddamn mouth shut.

Jonny Zchivago said...

@ Biggus Dickus....i can have dual standards...if Bennett gets nasty, then i'll get nasty back. He'll only get me banned.....the cunt.

Jonny Zchivago said...

@ reb b...i'm trying to keep my gob shut even without the aid of alcohol. Sadly, i am drunk while i type this so watch out!

rev.b said...

Perfect! I'll empathize from the corner with my bottle and sour look on. I sort of did the same with Judy. 'You tell 'em toots. They're all bastards anyway.'

Anonymous said...

Judy garland speaks. What a statement.