Thursday, 30 April 2020

Helen Gurley Brown ‎– "Lessons In Love" (GNP Crescendo ‎– GNP 604) 1962

The appropriately named Helen Gurley Brown,wrote Sex and the Single Girl, and was editor of Cosmopolitan Magazine for 35 years. During those times she released a handy audio guide to adultery as well. Including such essential advice for such romantic dead ends as,"Capturing A Man If You Aren't Pretty!"..easy, suck his knob..."Short Men Can Be Sexy!...especially if they've got a Ferrari; "How To Talk To A Man In Bed!"....simple...DON'T!
The solutions are in fact mine,as if you didn't know.Helen Gurley Brown's solution are rather more wordy, Brown.
Lucky for y'all that your scribe hasn't been asked to make an romantic advice record any time soon. It would be rather short....just like those vertically challenged sexy chaps and their Ferraris.


A1 Getting A Girl To The Brink!
A2 Conducting The Affair
A3 How To Behave At Home When You're Misbehaving
A4 How To Love A Secretary!
A5 Short Men Can Be Sexy!
A6 How To Say "No" To A Girl!
A7 Keep Your Wife Seductive
B1 Capturing A Man If You Aren't Pretty!
B2 How To Say "No"
B3 Unfaithful Wives' Tales!
B4 The Love-Life Of Boss And Secretary!
B5 How To Talk To A Man In Bed!
B6 Keeping Your Husband Sexy!

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Caitlyn / CPI said...

I think these last few releases are all my old rips. Cool to see them making the rounds again.