Thursday, 13 April 2017

Unseen Terror ‎– "Human Error" (Earache ‎– MOSH 4) 1987

The opposite end of the scale for snobbery and pretentiousness are a large majority of Metal categories, especially Grindcore and Speed Metal. Who would you sooner go and have a beer with? John Zorn or Unseen Terror?
I have been privileged to have a pint with Shane Emburey(drummer for Unseen Terror) and the rest of Napalm Death back in the day, and what a bunch of thoroughly decent and unpretentious chaps they were. Not had a similar experience with Zorn, but was briefly in his geekness's presence at the Knitting Factory's 10th birthday party for Shimmy Disc.....i was drunk, he was aloof.
'Human Error'was one of those early Earache Classics that appeared from apparently nowhere.Its relentless high velocity metal, and under-produced fuzz were certainly more interesting than the other so-called speed metal groups of the era. The drums were either played on one of those horrible Simmons kits, or sample triggers; and sound slightly unusual to say the least; but they were easier to record i guess. A real kit,thankfully,makes its appearance in the bonus tracks (Tracks 21 and 22 are from the "Diminished Responsibility" Compilation. Tracks 23 to 26 are Unreleased Rehearsal tracks.)
They were to get better, and as usual it was up to the BBC to capture them at their best in the Peel session that they recorded in 1988, with Mick Harris on vocals.


1 Unseen Terror 3:34
2 Oblivion Descends 2:20
3 Divisions 1:51
4 Death Sentence (Of The Innocent) 2:18
5 Nermal 0:11
6 Ignorant Scene 1:38
7 Uninformed 2:02
8 Expulsion Of Wrath 1:45
9 Garfield For President 0:43
10 Burned Beyond Recognition 1:19
11 Winds Of Pestilence 1:28
12 Hysteria 1:41
13 In A Shallow Grave 0:58
14 Odie's Revenge 0:16
15 Deliverance 2:19
16 The End Product 2:20
17 To Live And Learn 1:34
18 Charred Remains 1:18
19 Beyond Eternity 1:37
20 Garfield Strikes Again 2:18

Bonus Tracks:
21 Expulsion Of Wrath 3:13
22 Beyond Eternity 1:37
23 Scarred 0:49
24 Walls 0:42
25 Human Error 2:11
26 Within Without 1:24

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