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Naked City ‎– "Torture Garden" (Earache ‎– mosh 28) 1991

Jazzers, in general,aren't the most open minded of musicians, and do tend towards some rather unpleasant displays of intellectual we all do in different levels; I myself have been guilty of this Darwinian concept.......I do however reserve the right to call stuff like most Hip Hop, modern R &B,Boy Band Pop, and U2, Shit, both intellectually and morally.
John Zorn seems to be from the open end of the Jazz spectrum, along with Joey Baron(drums),and Bill Frisell (gtr),who seem to dispel the myth that Jazzers can't play metal.
(That said, Zorn was witnessed patronising an audience in my home town of Leicester on the Naked City Tour, by suggesting that such a provincial audience would prefer it if he played some Be-Bop; which he promptly did, and followed it up with some sneering comment afterwards.....prick!..i'll have him know that Napalm Death,the group he copied, also came from such provincial places as this, in fact just 20 miles down the road near Coventry...nobodies perfect i suppose?)
The jazz trendies are joined by proper people, Fred Frith,late of 'Henry Cow'on bass, and Yamatsuka Eye from the Boredoms, to provide some very daft vocals.
Whatever the Intellectual genius that John Zorn thinks he is, this style of music was shamelessly ripped off from brummy grindcore legends Napalm Death, with added alto sax, and musicianly polish.
The lower Manhattan art set are probably blissfully unaware of this, and would no doubt be heavily traumatised to discover such an unpleasant fact.
This album collects together all the wildest Naked City moments onto one twelve incher, and is an utterly superb avalanche of sustained short spurts of machine gun fire.


Sado Side
A1 Blood Is Thin 1:00
A2 Demon Sanctuary 0:38
A3 Thrash Jazz Assassin 0:45
A4 Dead Spot 0:31
A5 Bonehead 0:51
A6 Speedball 0:37
A7 Blood Duster 0:13
A8 Pile Driver 0:33
A9 Shangkuan Ling-Feng 1:14
A10 Numbskull 0:29
A11 Perfume Of A Critic's Burning Flesh 0:24
A12 Jazz Snob Eat Shit 0:24
A13 The Prestidigitator 0:43
A14 No Reason To Believe 0:26
A15 Hellraiser 0:39
A16 Torture Garden 0:35
A17 Slan 0:23
A18 Hammerhead 0:08
A19 The Ways Of Pain 0:31
A20 The Noose 0:10
A21 Sack Of Shit 0:43

Maso Side
B1 Blunt Instrument 0:53
B2 Osaka Bondage 1:14
B3 Igneous Ejaculation 0:20
B4 Shallow Grave 0:40
B5 Ujaku 0:27
B6 Kaoru 0:50
B7 Dead Dread 0:45
B8 Billy Liar 0:10
B9 Victims Of Torture 0:22
B10 Speedfreaks 0:29
B11 New Jersey Scum Swamp 0:41
B12 S & M Sniper 0:14
B13 Pigfucker 0:23
B14 Cairo Chop Shop 0:22
B15 Fuck The Facts 0:11
B16 Obeah Man 0:17
B17 Facelifter 0:34
B18 N.Y. Flat Top Box 0:43
B19 Whiplash 0:19
B20 The Blade 0:36
B21 Gob Of Spit 0:18


rev.b said...

I've suffered from this sort of jazz/rock/noise/indie/etc. snob disease. I've finally come to the point where I like what I like. More often than not, the stuff I hate brings enjoyment to other people. What the fuck difference does that make to me. I've got plenty of music I love. Since I despise people trying to rain on my game, I see no reason to bother wasting my time trying to rain on Beyonce, or U2, or hip-hop, or boy band pop. That's for people that like that sort of thing. All those performers you call shit are all fine musicians, very popular too. I just don't happen to like what they produce. A lot of people think John Zorn sucks ass. I don't care what they think. I like Naked City a lot and that's all that matters.

Jonny Zchivago said...

yes, its perfectly ok for people to enjoy music i don't particularly care for.Just as its perfectly ok to me to announce i don't like it.....i enjoy slagging off u2 as much as their fans enjoy listening to the Joshua Tree.I have no problem with these fans disapproving of the music i like at all. Its a free(-ish) world....this is how we move forwards in theory.
The fact is, everything isn't ,and cant be 'good', so lets be honest with a constructive/destructive slagging or two, as long as you can take one coming the other way.
In fact if some normal says they like, for example Naked City, I often think there's probably something wrong with them or they are being sycophantic.Its quite possible they actually do like NC but that is an extremely rare,but welcome, occurrence.

dylan seeling said...

its amazing how much recorded music exsists in the outer reaches, NZ alone (where I didn't grow up btw ('you can take the boy out of uddesfield...' and all that)) has oodles of stuff ~ e.g. the eponymous titled 1860 band (1978)

labeled jazz funk rock soul... 1860- the days of the wild west down under, and the famous "Von" (Major Von Tempsky) whos skill and daring are well chronicled...but i digress.

I happened on the above at
and was impressed at not finding a single band or artists I had heard of after trawling oohh, like a thousand posts! Not saying it would be down your street in anyway, just that when you add together all the DIY, the avant garde, prog, hippy psychadelic, garage, ska?, european(german!), american, soviet (the mentioned blogger even has 5 entries from uzbekistan), it starts to amount to a bogshed load of way out and out of the way stuff.
alas life is short and music is long.

cheers jonny

Jonny Zchivago said...

Hi Dylan.
Yes interesting blog that one....i too struggle to have heard of any of the bands on it....if you download them you'll find out why. They are mostly the kind of also-rans who want to appeal to possible chart sensibilities and fail....badly.Lots of terrible New Wave, and bad german synth pop.There seems to be an endless dustbin full of this to rummage through.
Quality control is what is needed, but it all does deserve to be preserved for posterity.
I saw a uk band called 'Gammer and his Familiars' from 1980/ had Vinni Reilly of Durruti Column fame in it...terrible. Did anyone actually buy this stuff?

Anonymous said...

Won't Look Out by Gammer & His Familiars

Anonymous said...


HardStone said...