Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Scorn ‎– "Vae Solis" (Earache ‎– MOSH 54) 1992

We are getting in really dodgy territory now, 1992. A truly terrible year for music. Awful sampling abuse, Dire drum machine conformity, Really shite Effects units. DJ's in their forties treated like some kind of messiah. We even started to accept and even enjoy our conformity.A Huxley-esque concept made fact, if ever there was one; and its even worse today.
A resident of the 'Chill Out' area, I managed to escape the vast majority of the atrocities being committed in these dance concentration camps, and lost myself in the bizarre world of Easy Listening, which was one interesting bi-product of club culture.
However, Metal ,as the only mainstream alternative to clubbing culture, was mutating into the only partly subversive counter culture activity.This was the start of the couple of hundred sub-genres of 'Metal' that exist today.
Earache was largely responsible for quite a few of those, one being Industrial Metal, as purveyed by Godflesh (featuring yet another ex-Napalm Death member Justin Broadrick) in the late eighties, from a recipe originally concocted by the rather good Killing Joke.
More Ex-Napalm Death members Mick Harris and Nic Bullen, joined in the fun with their 'Scorn' Project, which was a brutally effective unit for the first album or so,before the irresistible influence of club culture watered down the racket into some kind of over programmed trip hop nonsense.


1 Spasm 2:49
2 Suck And Eat You 3:48
3 Hit 7:36
4 Walls Of My Heart 7:02
5 Lick Forever Dog 6:29
6 Thoughts Of Escape 5:18
7 Deep In - Eaten Over And Over 8:28
8 On Ice 8:00
9 Heavy Blood 5:41
10 Scum After Death (Dub) 5:54
11 Fleshpile (Edit) 5:15
12 Orgy Of Holiness 4:48
13 Still Life 4:13


Anonymous said...

Fuck, I forgot how severe this record is. PLEASURES OF THE FLESH.

Judas Vigilante said...

I share your loathing of dance culture. I'm not a hater, but I'll make an exception in the case of dance culture and all it's horrific trappings. It pretty much equates to numbing agent for the soul. Not good. Thanks for this Jonny. I purchased a few releases from Earache in the 90's, albums I must dig out from the pile sometime just to see what they are. Take care. J.

Gimme Names said...

Vae Solis mix of metal and dub is unsurpassed. But Scorns later Evanescence record is pretty amazing too!