Tuesday, 11 April 2017

PainKiller ‎– "Buried Secrets" (Earache ‎– MOSH 62) 1992

A Godflesh/Napalm Death/Last Exit supergroup with special guest star, John Zorn on Sax abuse.

You won't find any other Godflesh or Napalm Death record on the coffee table's of any self-respecting Jazz Snob.Sneaking in by the back door as PainKiller, most of this record would be skipped over by most pseudo-intellectual Jazz fakes, and then scramble for cover under the nearest John Coltrane double bootleg.
Anything with a saxophone in it gets labelled 'Jazz',like any punk band with a sax was immediately rubber stamped as 'Jazz Punk' (eg The Cravats).
So PainKiller is ,obviously, 'Jazzcore'.
A more correct epithet is improvised noise; there's as much rock,and Dub in there as there is jazz, but it is definitely improvised.
It has its musical moments, but mostly its like filling your ears with sonic caustic soda.......in a good way.


Tortured Souls 1:54
One Eyed Pessary 1:51
Trailmarker 0:08
Blackhole Dub 3:29
Buried Secrets 6:13
The Ladder 0:22
Executioner 2:48
Black Chamber 2:29
Skinned 0:54
The Toll 7:26


Luddy Sr. said...

Pure insanity!

Lawren said...

Amazing, thanks a lot!

Do you have others CDs from Painkiller?

I have interest mainly about released from Tzadik...

Anonymous said...

Would you have Painkiller live in Japan at all at a decent bitrate?