Sunday, 30 April 2017

Chorchazade ‎– "Crackle And Corkette EP" (Crackle And Corkette ‎– Crack One) 1985

"Indie" was supposed to be music for misfits,but even within these ranks there were outsiders.None more so than this Cornish bunch of outcasts with an unpronounceable name....Chorchazade??? WTF!? 

Impossibly obscure and from Penzance,on the most isolated tip of England.This is a weird kind of Aspergers Syndrome Rock, that doesn't seem to care if anyone ever listens to it;the last thing they seemed to want to get is attention or love.With a name like Chorchazade they were destined to get what they wanted,and they certainly got it..... total obscurity!
The music they somehow managed to write,is a bizarre form of Outsider-post-indie,or an even more autistic form of proto-post-rock,making Slint look like Metallica in the process.
They did however manage to perform sporadic concerts in Britain and Europe from 1977 to 1988, often supporting such luminaries as the terrible James, Marc Riley and the Creepers, A Certain Ratio, The Blue Aeroplanes and The Brilliant Corners.
They eventually released this 12 inch EP which John Peel played a track off;but said that he 'wished the group had a simpler name, like the Moody Blues’' and never played another of the group's recordings.They also played at the Glastonbury festival in 1988, but only on the 'warm-up' Thursday. It rained heavily and the only sound between songs was the buzz of scrambling motorbikes in an adjacent field. The group’s manager(they had a manager???) and one of their girlfriends(They had Girlfriends?????) stood alone, watching from under a large golf umbrella.
Chief Chorchazader Chris said:"At the end though, the last few songs, when the sun came out and all these people wrapped in bin liners appeared from nowhere, nodding their heads and shaking the rain out of their hair. We had back stage passes for the whole festival but we went home as soon as we'd finished playing. We played the Ashton Court festival a few times of course, when it was free, before it turned into the total shit that it is now. We even played second to last on the main stage Saturday night once. The review in the paper said we 'went down like a fart in a spacesuit.' It was true too, all those people expecting a dance and a good time and everything. Hmmmm."
In 1989 the band apparently, recorded an album called 'Death Is Eeklo' and went on a short tour of Belgium to promote it. The group’s minibus was found, empty, in a lay-by a mile or so outside of Waterloo like an Indie Marie Celeste. Half eaten baguettes, a cigarette still smoking in the ashtray. The tour was not completed and the album was never officially released.In 1995 a benevolent caretaker rescued hundreds ( estimated to be 75% of the total number originally pressed ) of the group's vinyl records from a skip outside a Bristol music distribution factory. A lot of them have warped and look like shallow black bowls now. If you own a Chorchazade record, you have a very rare thing.


A1 Aah,You Are,As Light As A Feather 5:03
A2 Where There's Brera 3:05
B This Is His 8:13


Judas Vigilante said...

Holy shit! What a bio / story! I can only dream of being as outsider as these guys. I'll try, but I doubt I'll do it. If you have any more releases by any other bands like this, I for one would love them shared. Though don't let little old me dictate your posting habits. I would never impose such a request on die or diy. Though it would be nice!! Ha ha.

Will listen with very open ears, looking forward to this more than sex with myself at bedtime! LOL

Judas Vigilante said...

Me likes! Just trawled Google in it's entirity and can't find any good links for anything else by them. Heading to Ebay and itunes. If I find anything I'll rip and send you link for GDrive. Cheers. This is right up my7 street. To think I could have turned Westlife into something like this! Ah missed opportunities. Night.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Well, the album has been fittingly posted on may day, as cornwall is the center of most things pagan in these sceptred isles. Currently trying to find tracks for the unrleased album....i have two tracks so far,awaiting news of more.
Its best to get sex over with quick then settle down with some warm chorcazade. Music like this this is best listened to in a post-coital mindset.

Anonymous said...

Cheers, I've always wondered what these gents sounded like and it's not as if their records are gathering dust in every high street record store and charity shop is it, I honestly don't think I've ever seen one for sale in the non-virtual domain? ;)

chris46 said...

There are several vinyl copies of our album "Made To Be Devoured" sitting in my loft.
I like James but they only gave us four beers from their rider.