Sunday, 16 April 2017

Azag-Thoth ‎– "Shredded Flesh" (Self released Cassette) 1987

A highly regarded self-released tape from a prototype Unseen Terror line-up, including Shane Emburey (Although he denies all knowledge of it!), and Pete Giles, who was in War Hammer with Shane,and Unseen Terror.
It seems like straight forward Death Metal to me,and only the slightest hint of the mutation that was to come for the UK metal/hardcore crossover scene.Calling this proto-grindcore is stretching it a bit.

A1 Circle Of Maniacs 0:50
A2 Shredded Flesh 2:51
A3 Life After Death 2:11
A4 Social Suicide 0:45
A5 Blood Sucking Freaks 2:11


J.H.M. said...

And just when I'm going through a serious metal kick, I check Die or DIY and...!

I'm actually kind of surprised at how straightforward this is. Great stuff, admittedly—I'm not a huge old-school death metal fan and I think this rules—but it's distinguished more by how raw and hectic it is than anything about the style itself. Kind of odd to me given what these guys would do later, but I guess it makes sense.

Jonny Zchivago said...

I never really listened to any Metal before around 87-ish so i ain't too qualified to comment. the main obstacle were the fucking ridiculous lyrics.But as metal has become more intelligent, i have indulged a little deeper....especially if they don't sing/growl too much.A lot of it is too musical for me.
I do admit to harboring a guilty liking of Saxon......they are quite funny(unintentionally) i'll admit.