Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Bogshed ‎– "Step On It" (Shelfish Records ‎– SHELFish 2) 1986

Bogshed, as brilliant as they were,and like many other similar alternative pop groups,had a tendency to repeat themselves, and very often only had one full length album in them.....and I suppose this is it? The Fall have more or less repeated them/him selves for thirty odd albums,only the constant reshuffling of personnel adding an accidental force for change. This method is not a guaranteed or desirable direction for most artists, so they fizzle out. And Bogshed did "Step On It 2" and fizzled out. 
Endlessly repeating yourself is,however, a sure way of creating a career in anything. Just look at U2,Damien Hirst,J.K. Rowling and van Morrison. Anyone with any integrity would just stop when they've done it.......Bogshed stopped.


A1 Mechanical Nun 3:02
A2 Run To The Temple 3:31
A3 Adventure Of Dog 1:58
A4 Tommy Steele Record 3:23
A5 Jobless Youngsters 3:05
A6 Tried To Hide But Forced To Howl 2:49
A7 Packed Lunch To School 2:28
B1 Summer In My Lunchtime 2:38
B2 The Fastest Legs 2:18
B3 Oily Stack 2:13
B4 Hell Bent On Death 2:57
B5 Thunderballs 2:23
B6 Can't Be Beat 3:12
B7 Little Car 0:48

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Anonymous said...

Bogshed "fizzled out" because Backs (a prominent indie distributor of the period) went bust, taking much of the band's warehoused back catalogue with it, I believe?

By the way, have you ever heard any of singer Phil Hartley's solo stuff, it's very odd?