Thursday, 27 April 2017

Bogshed ‎– "Brutal" (Shelfish Records ‎– SHELFish 4) 1987

Here's Bogshed's first album part two, aka the second album, but the same as the first. Chock full of 'shambling' discordant alternative pop, executed to perfectly imperfect standards.
I always had a problem with this album,mainly because it had a glossy colour cover. Something that suggested pretensions towards popularity, which of course was total bollocks in the case of Bogshed, who couldn't have been more unpopular, even with John Peel listeners!
"Brutal" is comfortably the equal of "Step On It",there's just too much of it; perhaps Bogshed are another group who should have stuck to EP's? 
Never mind 'Geoffs Big Problem', Bogshed's big problem was how to move on from their formulaic composition's to something else......not that they should have.Their back catalogue is not far off perfect, and they stopped doing it at the correct time.
What did we get in place of all this Ron Johnson style stuff......yep.......bloody 'Madchester'!!!!....we didn't know how privileged we were.


A1 Raise The Girl
A2 Geoff's Big Problem
A3 Old Dog New Dance
A4 No To Lemon Mash
A5 I'm The Instrument
A6 Oppertunatist Knocks
B1 People Equal Greedy
B2 Sing A Little Tune
B3 C'mon Everybody
B4 Uncle Death Grip
B5 Spring
B6 Loaf

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Judas Vigilante said...

I must admit Jonny, I know nothing of this band at all, just what you've put in the last few posts. But the name, artwork and song titles are intrigueing to say the least. I'll give these a listen later, probably while not in the Bogshed. What a great name for a band. British genius.