Monday, 17 April 2017

Boredoms ‎– "Boretronix 3" (? Ltd. ‎– ?004) 1990

If it wasn't for japan, i don't think there would have been anything worthwhile to listen to in 1990. All the UK was too interested in was being 24 hour party that's real 'boredom'.
The USA had just 'invented' Punk Rock.....again......except without any style, sporting long hair and lumberjack shirts. As for the rest of the planet, as usual, forget about it.
There was one exception...Japan.It seemed everyone in Japan were like The Boredoms, and a torrent of Noise Rock escaped like radioactive gas  from some secure institution near Fukashima.
Either that or it took 45 years for the real mutations from the atom bomb blasts to bear fruit.
This cassette is a field recording from that very same fictitious radioactive institution the night when everyone refused their medication.

Track Listing:

Side A - Untitled (23.56)
Side B - Untitled (24.00)

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