Friday, 21 April 2017

Boredoms ‎– "Boretronix 1" (? Ltd. ‎– ?001) 1988

I said I didn't have "Boretronix 1", but now I do, thanks to the lovely Bleak Bliss blog, who seems to always have everything I don't music terms at least.
Happily, this is the best of the Boretronix series, and is a bit more listenable than the later two cassettes. Primordial Boredom at its very zenith.


A1 Hard Core Nunk 3:04
A2 Boil Out UFO 2:48
A3 Meat Bag 2:17
A4 Chago-Hosh-Moop 1:54
A5 Human Bad 2:46
A6 Hipless Peer Group 2:40
A7 Now 2:47
A8 Club Gom 5:51
B1 Rising Vegas Gas-Moskeet 1:53
B2 Blah Men 2:35
B3 Mega Coke Mix 1:10
B4 Hatefull 88' 1:42
B5 Auck Off 1:44
B6 Euck You Earhole 4:32
B7 Web Wig 3:25
B8 Eyehole Turfers 2:34
B9 Hook Around 2:55
B10 Frying Buttcave 1:07

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rex said...

i searched for it, and bleakbliss didn't show up.
i should have checked there, i knew better but was too busy.