Friday, 28 April 2017

The Membranes ‎– "Crack House" (Criminal Damage Records ‎– CRI MLP-105) 1983

The Nightingales and The Membranes were probably the earliest flowering of the Ron Johnson template. The Membranes being closely associated with fellow outsiders Bogshed.
Mike Bryson of Bogshed once explained their approach to the noble art of songwriting as "We start out being totally out of order and out of key and we turn things like that into a pop song. Most people try to do it the other way round."
The Membranes fitted very comfortably into the latter, 'Most people try to do it the other way round', category.
I was never very keen on The Membranes.They never seemed to have that genuine off-kilter x-factor that the other bands effortlessly had; they always seemed to be trying too hard to be shambolic.
Also John Robb wore,and still does to this day, his shirt collars up,like Eric Cantona and Tony Grieg!?....something that always invokes suspicion.


Get A Head 4:45
The Throat 4:08
Attraction For The Easy Life 4:46
Myths And Legends 6:37
Kick Out 3:44
Kafka's Dad 4:34


Anonymous said...

I Agree The Shirt Collar scenario is disturbing.
I agree that most of their stuff feels a bit flat and doesn't activate the right neural pathways. Certainly not in my head.
However their "Death to Trad Rock" ep gets much closer to hitting the mark and I find myself often digging it out and giving it a spin.
There's some dark, absurdist primal shit going on.
I don't think they ever managed to return to that place.
A shame.


Jonny Zchivago said...

Well, I suppose if you put enough material out there, one section will always work, however accidental. I do admit to really liking "Spike Milligan's Tape Recorder".......they are probably better live, elasticated bass strap and all. They always seemed good fun...but.....

badgerstump said...


i feel like i've really missed an opportunity to dislike something. i was always intolerant of the improbable spiky quiff and the interminable talking head radio appearances when somebody vaguely alternative died.

well pissed off ... should have looked beyond the ample chin!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Indeed you have. Robb always looked too healthy to be in a proper band. He talks too fast as well...always a sign that.