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Joy Division - "Les Bains Douches, Paris 18/12/1979" (Bootleg)

Again we have to thank France for saving anglo-american music from themselves.This concert was the subject of a radio broadcast on the Bernard Lenoir Show on French radio, so there exists a broadcast quality recording , which was partially released on CD at the turn of the century.
This official version doesn't seem to include the whole of the performance however, but its by far the best quality recording of Joy Division in action.
So, to fill in the gaps this is the full set as recorded by an audience member on the night.It reveals that mistakes were edited out ,whole tunes dropped, and what sounds like modern effects added, with generous amounts of compression. It sounds a lot more punchy than the bootleg,or anything that had been released before under the name of Joy Division. Probably the most played release by JD in my collection.Probably the high water mark for Joy Division, before Ian's illness and personal problems took over and destroyed him.

Bootleg Track List:

01. Passover
02. Wilderness
03. Disorder
04. Love Will Tear Us Apart
05. Insight
06. Shadowplay
07. Transmission
08. Day Of The Lords
09. Twenty Four Hours
10. Colony
11. These Days
12. A Means To An End
13. She's Lost Control
14. Atrocity Exhibition
15. Interzone
16. Warsaw

CD/Radio Version:

1 Disorder
2 Love Will Tear Us Apart
3 Insight
4 Shadowplay
5 Transmission
6 Day Of The Lords
7 24 Hours
8 These Days
9 A Means To An End
10 Passover
11 New Dawn Fades
12 Atrocity Exhibition
13 Digital
14 Dead Souls
15 Autosuggestion
16 Atmosphere

Tracks 1-9 Live: Paris, December 18th 1979 (taken from the 2nd radio broadcast of the gig 1994)
Tracks 10-12 Live: Amsterdam, January 11th 1980
Tracks 13 - 16 Live: Eindhoven, January 18th 1980

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Bodhi Amol said...

Hello,here is the complete concert as a combination of the different broadcasts plus the missing tracks from audience (in FLAC):