Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Wire ‎– "Mittnacht Bahnhof Cafe Nostalgia (Tiffanys, Hull 3rd July 1979)" (Bootleg)

A back in the day audience recorded live bootleg from....well....back in the day?
Wire hit the thriving metropolis of Kingston-upon-Hull back in the summer of '79. Whether the sun actually shined, or ever shines in Hull is open to conjecture,but I've been there once and had a thoroughly marvelous time.The lady on the back cover looks rather familiar from that evening.
Apart from the frankly awful local accent, it seemed a lot less squalid to what I was led to believe.
Wire,however, deliver a thoroughly professional set,with no 'Pink Flag' material, focusing on the post-'154' era.
As Graham Lewis says early in the set, "All those who have problems with Nostalgia can go home NOW!"
The recording quality is, as you'd expect from an audience recording, lacking a bit of depth and has a strong 'large room' ambiance; but its very listenable indeed.It's Wire innit?
I especially like the "Dedicated to Franz Kafka, NOT dedicated to Darby Crash*" line on the rear; and the pay no more than £4.50, which is a king's ransom these days for music, especially for the quality of this groups music.

*(One of those poor little rich boy Californian punks,this one was in a fairly terrible group called 'the Germs' and died)


A1 Go Ahead
A2 Ally In Exile
A3 Relationship
A4 Being Sucked In Again
A5 Safe
A6 Lorries
A7 Midnight Bahnhof Cafe
B1 Underwater Experiences
B2 Blessed State
B3 Two People In A Room
B4 I Should Have Known Better
B5 A Question Of Degree
B6 Our Swimmer
B7 I Am The Fly
B8 Too Late

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