Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Der Plan - "Normalette Surprise" (Ata Tak WR007) 1981

Don't feel much like writing anything this morning, so all you need to know is it's Der Plan; who sound like a more minimal synth style,less humouristic German version of the Residents.....which is no bad thing. Lots of vintage synth's, and tunes that don't outstay their welcome.


Leb doch
Meine Freunde
Sie Hat Mich Verlassen
Der Sonne Ist Verblüht
Kleine Schlager-Revue
Frl. Nicol
Ich Bin Ein Komputer
Generäle Essen Erdbeereis
Das Insekt
Wat's Dat?
4 Stapfen im Schnee
Zuruck in die Atmosphare
Rot Grun Tot
8 1/2

DOWNLOAD for a normal surprise HERE!


Vaykorus said...


George Harold said...

Hi, do you have the Angus Maclise cassette? I think it's just called Angus Maclise, it's got Chumlum on it.
Sorry really great stuff recently, thanks!

George Harold said...

I think it's called Various Works.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Hi George, i've got the Angus Maclise triple c-60 from a few years track called chumlum on it though.

George Harold said...

Could you upload that? I'd love to hear it.
I don't know if request are allowed. Sorry if they're not!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Hi George.....I'd hate to deprive you of the experience, so i'll upload it this evening and post the link here......I should do an eternal Music/lamonte young/conrad and Mr and Mrs Maclise month for xmas. I love all that stuff...its this space.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Hello's the link for the Maclise Tapes:

Its an excellent warts'n'all lo-fi document of a lost era.

George Harold said...

Thanks! A reason to look forward to look forward to December!