Friday, 22 September 2017

Wire ‎– "Document And Eyewitness" (Rough Trade ‎– ROUGH 29) 1981


At the end of 1979 Wire embarked on a live tour that only had new unrecorded material on offer with the idea to make a live album of new stuff. This culminated in the gig at the Electric Ballroom in Camden which was recorded for this purpose. They did in fact do an oldie for an encore, and an Ironic run through of proto-hardcore classic "12XU", which doesn't ruin the concept too much. The live recording is enhanced by the sound-man obviously leaning on the fader causing a bit of overload on some vocals. For this reason, i think this is why they added another disc of previous concert recording, notably the superior recording of the 'Notre Dame Hall' concert.
This is the Wire album I play most, due to its electricity and raw qualities. "154" is a bit weak and insipid sounding in comparison. A bit like comparing Live Joy Division to 'Unknown Pleasures. Like two different groups.
One of the best aspects of this concert, is that they 'accidently' recorded the support group for the evening, Deutch Amerikanishce Freundschaft, which is to be posted next, because its brilliant.

(ps, the four missing tracks from the Electric Ballroom set, including all of "12XU" can be found on "Turns and Strokes" here!)


Electric Ballroom

A1 5/10
A2 12XU (Fragment)
A3 Underwater Experiences
A4 Everythings Going To Be Nice
A5 Piano Tuner (Keep Strumming Those Guitars)
A6 We Meet Under Tables
B1 Zegk Hoqp
B2 Eastern Standard
B3 Instrumental (Thrown Bottle)
B4 Eels Sang Lino
B5 Revealing Trade Secrets
B6 And Then ...
B7 Coda
Notre Dame Hall
C1 Go Ahead
C2 Ally In Exile
C3 Relationship
C4 Underwater Experiences
D1 Witness To The Fact
D2 2 People In A Room
D3 Our Swimmer
D4 Heartbeat


Henk Madrotter said...

Great!!! Thanks!!! Can't wait for the Deutch Amerikanische Freundschaft recordings :) A very long time favorite of mine, saw 'em once in Den Haag when they just came out with their Dance The Mussolini song, great concert but I hate that I missed them when they played maybe two years earlier in Rotterdam, back then they had more members and were working with tapes on stage.... Still have their very first and vary rare album, no singing on that one....

Jonny Zchivago said...

Me either....yeah first lp was Produkt der....DAF...i managed to get that one in London back in the often crops up on my iPodd on shuffle, and i always think its some american band from about 1987 on Touch and Go, so i check it and its DAF from 1979!...they were a lot better when they had that guitarist in the line up....not a fan of that EBM stuff they did for Virgin.