Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Joy Division - "University of London 08/02/1980" (Bootleg)

The line-up, to the uninformed, would have read like an invitation for a real happy party.What with the words Joy, Smirk, and Joke all involved in the Band monikers.The only hint at darkness was Section 25 (of the mental health act).
The Smirks were obviously a good time new wave band of also-rans, but the other three were not really party music.
Joy Division turned up with bucket loads of new technology. Synthesisers were now part of their newer,more textural downbeat sound of the new album,which they were in the capital to work on at Pink Floyd's studio, Britannia Row. Maybe JD had prog influences after-all?
The set list reflects this style modification, with virtually none of the 'Unknown Pleasures'era paint peelers involved.
The audience seemed to like it however;but then again, by this time they could have played 'The Birdie Song' and got rapturous applause.

Paul Morley wrote [NME, 16 Feb 1980]: "The full new introduction of synthesizers has not damaged the coherence and balance of the music in any way, it simply increases the amount of mood, atmosphere, ephemeral terror Joy Division are capable of."......yes he did say 'ephemeral terror'!


01: Dead Souls
02: Glass
03: A Means To An End
04: Twenty Four Hours
05: Passover
06: Insight
07: Colony
08: These Days
09: Love Will Tear Us Apart
10: Isolation

11: Encore break
12: The Eternal
13: Digital.

DOWNLOAD this ephemeral terror HERE!


bill said...

Many many thanks for all the Joy. I didn't listen to enough Joy Division back in the day. Making up for that now, thanks to you JZ.

A-Mfan said...

You never disappoint. I knew I could find this show here. Thank you.