Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Wire ‎– "10th Nov 1979 Jeannetta Cochrane Theatre, London" (Illegal Legal Bootleg)

There's some rarely performed tunes in the setlist for this one. "Crazy about Love", which I had assumed was a partially improvised tune that they recorded for their final Peel Session, and "The Spare One",which is a rare one  indeed.There's a few numbers that would appear in improved form on Colin Newman's Solo work a couple of years later.
The recording is an audience recording, involving all the usual lo-fi large room ambiance that plagues such endeavors; but its very listenable in it's imperfections.


Crazy About Love 11:08
Remove For Improvement 2:28
The Spare One 3:39
Two People In A Room 2:20
Lorries 4:21
Underwater Experiences 2:42
A Blessed State 3:15
Ally In Exile 4:04
Over My Head 4:53
Our Swimmer 3:25
On Returning 2:19

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Bodhi Amol said...

Thanks for this - I had been contempleting to buy this from the pink flag website,but decided against because of the sub standard sound quality.I am a fan not a fanatic completist,but still I'm grateful to have another version of Crazy About Love!