Thursday, 21 September 2017

Wire ‎– "19th July 1979 Notre Dame Hall, London" (Bootleg)

The complete Notre Dame concert partially included in "Document and Eyewitness".
Its the best Live 'Wire' in my opinion, recorded in excellent quality from the soundboard


Go Ahead 4:10
Ally In Exile 4:14
Being Sucked In 3:07
Relationship 1:24
Midnight Bahnhof Café 4:28
Underwater Experiences 2:56
A Blessed State 3:25
Witness To The Fact 2:47
I Should Have Known Better 3:51
Safe 1:59
Lorries 4:23
Two People In A Room 1:55
A Question Of Degree 3:45
Our Swimmer 3:07
I Am The Fly 4:07
Heartbeat 3:08
Strange 3:28

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Dysgeusian said...

It's always the last place you here. Always. Thanks John. I want to believe again. Maybe I was just being a cunt. I will reflect and listen. Autosarcophagy. Bye.