Thursday, 14 September 2017

Joy Division - "Imperial Hotel, Blackpool 27/07/1979" ("All Angels Beware" Bootleg)

A bit out of sequence as I failed to realise I had this, as it was listed under the title of the "All Angels Beware" Bootleg.
This is from the "Year of the Child" benefit concert, as organised by Blackpool's own Section 25.
To the uninitiated, the line-up reads like a Nazi sympathisers rally; what with Joy Division, then a band called 'Final Solution', along with some group called 'Zyklon B'!?
Also playing were the Glass Torpedoes, OMD,and Section 25 headlining.
The Joy Division set was a high octane affair, and well recorded by several audience members.


01. Dead Souls
02. Glass
03. Disorder
04. Auto-Suggestion
05. Transmission
06. She's Lost Control
07. Shadowplay
08. Atrocity Exhibition.

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