Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Der Plan ‎– "Geri Reig" (Warning Records ‎– Warning 003) 1980

Der Plan went electronic for their debut album, with a mixture of Minimal Synth classics and lots of mucking about in the studio. There are some silly voices used, like their American equivalents and likely inspiration, The Residents. Alas they are hindered by that famous German drawback, a terrible sense of humour. Our Teutonic cousins should stick to what they're good at, efficient hard electronics, of which there are several examples on this rather good LP. Humour in music has always been a dangerous flirtation, that has rarely been pulled off. Just leave the larking about to someone else please.


A1 Adrenalin Lässt Das Blut Kochen
A2 Geri Regi
A3 Persisches Cowboy-Golf
A4 Gefährliche Clowns
A5 Kleine Grabesstille
A6 Der Weltaufstandsplan
A7 Hans Und Gabi
B1 Commerce Extérieur Mondial Sentimental
B2 Was Ich Von Mir Denke
B3 San José Car Muzak
B4 Erste Begegnung Mit Dem Tod
B5 Ich Bin Schizophren
B6 Nessie
B7 Gefährliche Clowns (Manisch Idiotisch)
B8 Die Welt Ist Schlecht


Anonymous said...

And I love this album as well as a number of others by Der Plan. I really do love this Hugely. Adrenalin boils the blood, and The world is bad are just for me two anthems, on one of there other albums you have a football anthem of enormous proportions A man A ball A shot A goal. You can mock them any day, I do not care, I love this.

greetings Richard

Bodhi Amol said...

Hey Johnny,since you are not a native speaking german and i suppose your understanding of german language and culture is somehow restricted you should keep from making such harsh verdicts concerning german humor.It's just different and for me these guys made some of the funniest songs and noises in Germany.Period!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Harsh comments are part of my style Bodhi.....you may not agree with them,and neither do I sometimes, but all helps to make this world less vanilla flavoured.A Kind of a Devil's Advocate situation.
I may not understand the language, but it happens both ways...german speakers regularly miss the ironic sub-text of my writings, as Richard (see above) may or may not have.....we love y'all for it.
Germany is not however internationally renowned as a barrel of laughs now is it?.....indeed you lot may have your 'in' jokes but no-one else finds them funny. Unfortunate, but a Fact. Revel in your traits of efficiency,work ethics,engineering and terrible dress sense,(all things the UK, for example, are shit at) and be Proud.

Anonymous said...

I do not understand a lot of the lyrics in the mostly crude english, as a dutch speaking person, I do not understand always the subtle german humor. French humor on the other hand I enjoy without knowing any french, such a cute bunch they are.

my last sentence (You can mock etc) should better be read One can mock..... but I thought it funnier to write you.

Greetings Richard

Jonny Zchivago said...

I just find Germans Funny as themselves.How they are confused by inefficiency, and how they think mullets and moustaches are stylish.
The French think that they are hilarious,and they love the worst examples of British humour, like Benny Hill and Mr Bean.
Dutch people, however ' are very funny.....obsessed with the price of everything....but funny with it.
Everyone in Britain think they are a comedian, and it gets very tiresome.Always busting a bloodvessel to say something witty or idiotic....but living in France i do miss that...everyone here is so serious,and have an inability to laugh at themselves.....unlike the Brits.
There you go, national stereotypes carved in stone for y'all.

martinf said...

if you're looking for interesting german electronic music from this time you should check out "inland" by pyrolator (member of der plan) dubbed by critics as the best political album without words - have in mind that this was the high time of terrorism in west germany which nearly suffocated all cultural life in the country

Paul said...

I had GERI REIG back in the '80s, and I also had a German compilation that I can no longer recall. I don't know enough about it to find it on-line, either. Can't say if it was on Zick Zack or not, but I know it had "Fred vom Jupiter" by Die Doraus und Die Marinas. That title was compiled a lot so that's not much help. I think it also had Der Plan's "Ich bin Schizophren" on it. Does anybody know what this album might've been called?

Paul said...

Found it! And I misremembered about which Der Plan song it was: