Friday, 29 September 2017

Die Gesunden ‎– "Die Gesunden" (Innovative Communication ‎– KS 80.028) 1982

Every country had their take on the Suicide Synth duo template.The UK fused it with pop and soul,France made it artistic,USA punked it up, Belgium made it into a national obsession and Germany made it hard and ,dare I say it, aggressive? Along with the low countries they helped create the genre of EBM for the alternative Disco crowd.
DAF being the obvious example, and they had their imitators.One of which was 'Die Gesunden',who actually supported DAF on tour in 1981.
Their take on the German synth duo was much lighter than their mentors', but it still retains that darkness and those raw synth sounds that made DAF great (up to a point).
They were signed to Klaus Schulze's label, Innovative Communication,and it sounds like they were allowed access to KS's vast synth collection.There are some polyphonic pads cropping up on some of the track, ruining their minimalism.There's no room for Kosmiche in this kind of stuff Klaus.I'm sure he would have had his ten penny's worth of influence as he was the star in the building.
Still it's an obscure classic of minimal electronica.....including the obligatory heavy breathing into the microphone. 


A1 Instru-Mental 2:10
A2 Die Gesunden Kommen 3:25
A3 Der Weg Zum Erfolg 3:20
A4 Krieg Und Frieden 3:19
A5 Sometimes / Manchmal 3:37
B1 Baby Love 3:15
B2 Leutnant Miller 3:50
B3 Galaxy 3:28
B4 Atmen 2:40
B5 Film Musik 2:10

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