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Die 2. Liga - "Sessions, Live, and Studio 1980-81"

Not only did West Germany have their own Residents (Der Plan), they also had their own version of The Prats too. Modestly called Die 2. Liga (The Second Division), they formed a 'Punk' group(average age 12)played a few live gigs,did a session for Rondo Records, and released a very limited edition tape( a limited edition of 5 I am told!)
This stuff was (re-)released on limited edition vinyl a couple of years ago, but thanks to Die or DIY's German chum, Michael Festerling, we now have far more tracks than on those impossible to find discs.
Punk Rock had a fine tradition of including everyone excluded from such previously exclusive fashionable cliques, like the reprehensible 'Bromley Contingent' in the UK. 
The likes of Eater, The Prats, and The Fatal Microbes would have been excluded, along with the women, from many other youth cults.
We can now add Die 2. Liga to this roll of honour, as champions of German 'Outsider Punk'.
Basically they sound like The Prats, but with better equipment, and they sing in German.    

In the words of Dirk Moll, the drummer, 

"We were founded in 1980 and had our first appearance at the Unterstufenfest (lower school party ?!?) at our high school. All members of EA80 were there ,too, through which we were also motivated to form a band and always appeared as a supporting band with them.
An exception was the gig with ÖSTRO 430 and ZK (see photos).

Our average age was “12″.

In 1983 we disbanded due to lack of perspective and because we were too old."

standing,enviously, in the middle of the photo left to the girl with the white jacket Campino of ZK .He is now the singer of the what most people seem to consider as 'punk rock superstars' „Die Toten Hosen“)

2. Liga were:

Mario Bocks guitar, 

Marcus Hardelauf vocals;

Holger Zander bass (not on the (studio ?!?) recordings, though);

Martin Kircher bass ( on the (studio ?!?) recordings and vocals on „Jungen und Technik“) and 

Dirk Moll drums.


Rondo Session 1981
01. Hänschenklein
02. Männerwirtschaft
03. Jungen+Technik
04. Beton
05. Vater
06. Bewusstsein

Split-Tape with EA80
(Studio 06.01.`81)

07. Tod
08. Bewusstsein
09. Sportler
10. Groß +Klein
11. Männerwirtschaft
12. Disco Fucker
13. Beton

(Live 07.06.`80 at NGM*)

14. Gedanken 1
15. Tod 
16. Männerwirtschaft
17. Disco Flippies
18. Bauer Putzig
19. Mona Lisa
20. 1 sek Lied
21. Hänschen Klein
22. Tarzan
23. Bewusstsein

(Live 20.09.`80 at Haus Zoar**)

24. H. Klein

* Neusprachliches Gymnasium Mönchengladbach, Germany

** Haus Zoar, Mönchengladbach, Germany

DOWNLOAD from the premier league of kiddie punk HERE!


Anonymous said...

The German Prats? I am very excited to hear this.

Anonymous said...

And they have a song called 'Disco Fucker'. Splendid work.