Saturday, 30 September 2017

Das Synthetisches Mischgewebe ‎– "Works" (Das Cassettencombinat ‎– 005) 1982

Everything is in English on this sleeve except for the band name which translates as "Synthetic Mixed fabric"?? Like you get with those cheap pull overs that one buys in Primark for six quid; made at gunpoint in Vietnam by some malnourished kid for a penny a day. 
Alas, mixed fabrics rarely keep you warm during winter. A bit like this tape? 
Its recommended to wear a 100% woolen fairtrade sweater when listening to this during those bleak winter months. Its cold electronic scraping drones tend to induce a frigid lonely feeling in the casual listener.Like squatting in the boiler room at your local synthetic fabric or garbage recycling factory.


A1 Mary's Penis Operation
A2 Dead But Thinking
A3 Future
B1 Tierversuche
B2 Past
B3 Tones Of Sculls And Bottles
B4 Flesh

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