Thursday, 7 September 2017

Joy Division - "Pavillion, Hemel Hempstead 05/11/1979" (Bootleg)

A below average quality audience recording of the only decent fireworks in Hemel Hempstead on Guy Fawkes night in 1979,as the Buzzcocks tour hit town.
The most interesting bits are the tracks from the soundcheck, with four attempts to play 'New Dawn Fades".


01. Dead Souls
02. Wilderness
03. Twenty Four Hours
04. New Dawn Fades
05. Digital
06. Disorder
07. Interzone 

11. New Dawn Fades
12. Dead Souls
13. The Only Mistake
14. Love Will Tear Us Apart.

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Michael said...

Thanks for posting the Joy Division content - it's really appreciated! Peace!