Friday, 8 September 2017

Joy Division - "Rainbow Theatre, London 09/11/1979" (Bootleg)

By the end of this tour, The Buzzcocks were, by now, aware that Joy Division were creating far too much of an impact for a support band.So,Rumour has it, the Buzzcocks road crew fixed the sound to be shite for Joy Division and vastly superior for the Buzzcocks for this two nighter in the capital.
I haven't got a recording of the Buzzcocks set, no-one was interested enough to record that one, so I can't contrast and compare;but it sounds ok to me.Just another element in the mythologizing of Joy Division. However, it is evident that The Buzzcocks were representative of a sound that was ,by 1979, very passé ,and Joy Division was the future, or, a future that never was.


01. The Sound Of Music
02. Shadowplay
03. New Dawn Fades
04. Colony
05. Insight
06. Love Will Tear Us Apart
07. She's Lost Control
08. Transmission


Andy said...

Well I wasn't at the London gigs so I can't comment, but my memory of the Leicester show was that the Buzzcocks were much louder than Joy Division. Really, really, REALLY loud in fact. I remember talking about it at school the next day. I'd love to say I was cool and went to see Joy Division, but to be honest I was there to see the Buzzcocks. Oddly though, after all these years I can barely remember them. I still have a very clear memory of Ian Curtis though. He definitely wasn't cool. But he was memorable.

Anonymous said...

Two of my mates went to see both bands at Bangor uni. They said Joy Division were fucking amazing while The Buzzcocks were absolutely crap :-)