Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Joy Division - "Basement Club, Cologne 15/01/1980" (Bootleg)

Great!....a gig in Germany, which means I can talk about the war again!Yippee!
A rather muffled audience recording from the basement of a disused church in Cologne. Which must have excited Ian Curtis's Nazi obsession somewhat to be in Germany where ,apparently all that stuff kicked off big-time!
I'm afraid my father was probably collectively responsible for killing some of the audience members' family during the first thousand bomber air raid in 1942,as he was in one of those very bombers that created a fire storm I believe?The aiming point was Cologne Cathedral, which makes this gig's venue rather Ironic......but we're all friends now ain't we?.....until Brexshit anyway!
ps....I humbly apologise  for the British terror bombing during those years....undoubtedly a war crime by modern standards........my father is probably spinning in his urn right now.....sorry dad, you were just 'obeying orders' after all......hmmmmmm,now, where have I heard that before?


01. Atmosphere
02. Love Will Tear Us Apart
03. These Days
04. Insight
05. Twenty Four Hours
06. A Means To An End
07. She's Lost Control
08. The Sound Of Music
09. Glass
10. Day Of The Lords
11. Shadowplay
12. Interzone
13. Disorder
14. Transmission
15. Atrocity Exhibition


Exeter said...

Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Been there! Venue was packed. Nobody thought about the war :D

Regards Stiev

Unknown said...

All time FT favourite: 'If you're going to grope a girl, at least have the gallantry to stay in the room with her while you're doing it.' By the way: All time favourize JD live performance: 'Candidate' from the 'Heart and Soul' box live cd.

Anonymous said...

It was Barney that was obsessed with Nazi stuff not Ian