Sunday, 10 September 2017

Joy Division - "Amsterdam, Paradiso 11/01/1980" (Bootleg)

Another excellent soundboard recording, thanks again to our continental cousins,this time in Holland.
If this isn't a good reason why the UK shouldn't exit the EU then I don't know what is?
JD played two different sets for a handful of punters in the Dutch capital.Apparently the support band didn't turn up?


1st set:
01. Passover
02. Wilderness
03. Digital
04. Day Of The Lords
05. Insight
06. New Dawn Fades
07. Disorder
08. Transmission

2nd set:
09. Love Will Tear Us Apart
10. These Days
11. A Means To An End
12. Twenty Four Hours
13. Shadowplay
14. She's Lost Control
15. Atrocity Exhibition
16. Atmosphere
17. Interzone.

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Andy Warstar said...

nice one! thanks so much for posting. ian curtis r.i.p.