Saturday, 2 September 2017

Joy Division - "Nashville Ballroom, London. 22/09/1979" ("Try To Cure Yourself" Bootleg)

A vinyl bootleg of Joy Division's (not Stiff Kittens) gig at the Nashville Room,taken from a soundboard recording,on 22/09/1979.
The quality is very good, but the Bass is a bit lost in the mix.


01. Wilderness
02. Shadowplay
03. Leaders Of Men
04. Insight
05. Colony
08. Transmission
09. Disorder
10. She's Lost Control
11. Atrocity Exhibition
12. Glass
11. Exercise One.

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vootie said...

This is hands down my favorite of the live JD shows I've heard. This version of "Colony" is superb, and "Atrocity Exhibition" is entirely unhinged. I thought this was a remarkably tight set as well; a lot of other shows seem to suggest that Hooky and Rubble took a casual approach playing their parts faithfully or in sync with each other (an ethic brought to total, horrible fruition in just about every New Order show I've heard).