Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Joy Division - "Winter Gardens, Bournemouth 02/11/1979" (Bootleg)

If Ian Curtis sounded ill on the Guildford bootleg, then he really was ill for this one.Ending the set by collapsing backwards into the drums,being carried off stage and taken to Hospital in an ambulance......not a Crispy Ambulance by the way.
There are some clues as to his condition on this tape; notably the strange guitar playing on 'Love Will tear us Apart', and the strangely incoherent singing in the last two numbers of the set.
As Ian collapsed into the drums there was a Tommy Cooper Moment* as the audience applauded and asked for 'more'??...they obviously thought it was part of the show.Those rock'n'rollers eh?
The Cardiff show the next day was suitably cancelled,but he was back for the Bristol show the day afterwards,like a true professional.
Besides all that, this is a reasonably good audience recording.

*(Tommy died on live TV and the audience laughed thinking it was a joke)

Track list:

01. I Remember Nothing
02. Love Will Tear Us Apart
03. Interzone
04. Colony
05. Insight
06. These Days
07. Digital
08. Transmission
09. Atrocity Exhibition.


Anonymous said...

Since this might be about the half way point, wanted to say thanks for sharing your joy division collection with us. it is very much appreciated.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yeah about half way now....european tour approaching. Its getting to be a bit of a drag now,but i've started so i'll finish.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but this story about Ian falling into the drum kit might be true but it wasn't at this gig, I was there and what happened is that half way through the last song Ian just walked to the end of the stage and stared out into the crowd for about a minute and then one of the roadies came on and helped him off - Duncan

LB said...

I was there that night and that's how i remember it. He was booed off.

LB said...

I was there that night and that's how i remember it. He just stopped, seemed stoned. He was booed off.