Saturday, 3 March 2018

Yximaloo - "The Worst of 1981" (Sakura Wrechords (C 03) 1994

Enter the very special world of Naofumi Ishimura, also know as Yximaloo.
Japan has always produced a interesting brand of nutter, and Ishimura is no exception.
As the Japanese turned their creative juices away from warfare and world electronic gadget domination, their seemingly hard-wired eccentricity has inevitably leeched its way into the medium of music.
Yximaloo has released a Tsunami of home recorded cassettes, of which this is a cd-r'd example of his highly inventive work from 1981.
If you exposed a cassette recording of Coldplay in rehearsal to the exposed reactor core at Fukushima then ran it backwards, you may get something approaching the non-music preserved as magnetic waves on this digitized cassette from 1981.A nintendo soundtrack for the deaf that never happened.
Dis boy he good.


1 Yximalloo Tribe's Ensemble 1:48
2 Try Try Try 4:00
3 Fela #7 + #11 4:46
4 Radio Style 5:26
5 Strange Charm 1:46
6 Speed In Tokyo 1:21
7 We Work 98 Hours For A Week 3:25
8 RZ15V 3:44
9 Not So Easy 3:08
10 I Hate Music #3 2:13
11 I Hate Music #4 12:37
12 Off Libya 22:59

DOWNLOAD the worst of 1981 but the best of 2018 HERE!


Anonymous said...

Wow, another great find, thanks.Hadn´t heard of him before. Just bought one of his cds.

Unknown said...

my favorite artist! glad to see him here