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Mick Hobbs ‎– "Bandagen/Officer!" (No Records ‎– No. 002) 1989

The Quirky post-prog lunacy of Mick Hobbs on solo duty,as theatre score composer and as his 'band', 'Officer!'.
Side A sees our Micky as provider of an avant-garde soundtrack to Pergoletti's stageplay "Bandagen", and side B has some 'Officer!' songs masquerading as superior 'Filler'.
For the Theatrical side,I suppose you need the play to augment the sparsity of the minimal content for maximum effect?
The 'Officer!' side  is Mick's usual abstract post-punk prog inventiveness,as he regularly churns out for The Work, The Momes, and Half-Japanese.
Naturally he gets some help from the usual suspects Like Tim Hodgkinson and Andy Wake, both from The Momes.


Music From Bandagen

A1 Undovetailing
A2 Heartwood
A3 Kindliche Kleidung
A4 Spewing
A5 Jasminduft
A6 Inflation
A7 Ballacodep
A8 Deflated
A9 Happy Days, Lonely Nights
A10 Arbeitstitel 

Officer! - Some Songs

B1 Good Cement
B2 Plan For Peace
B3 My Song About My Head
B4 Hunter
B5 Damage
B6 Good Citizen's Car

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