Friday, 9 March 2018

Yximalloo - "Monnorhytha" (Sakura Wrechords) 1982

When you've finished your Chicken Vindaloo, Yximalloo ain't no chicken when it comes to using your plate,washed or unwashed, as a percussion piece for his next recording......well,at least he didn't in 1982 when he was too poor to afford proper instruments.
What we have here are 36 toytown DIY versions of early 'SPK' or the dreadful bandwagon jumping 'Test Department', but with pots , pans and buckets replacing the Angle Grinders and industrial springs;but crucially, with an injection of the sense of humour that was so woefully lacking in the metal banging Industrial trends of the early 80's.
This is a kind of sub-urban ethnic folk, utilising his surroundings to make music from whatever he finds.No trip down the local Music Emporium  for Nao Ishimura, oh no, that's the easy way out. Grab anything that goes 'ding' or 'clonk',start hitting it,then press play and record.

Note the credit to Jad Fair,of Half Japanese, on the insert,who draws all of Yximalloo's cover art.

DOWNLOAD and rattle those pots and pans HERE!

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