Friday, 16 March 2018

The Work ‎– "Live In Japan" (Recommended Records Japan ‎– RRJ 05) 1982

Deconstructed rock from Henry Cow spin off's, The Work. 
This Live performance in Osaka, featured the one and only Jim Whelton,aka Amos, of Homosexuals fame, on vocals.Which gives this some added kudos.
The Work's special kind of Prog inflected Post Punk is always rather interesting,and this album seems to capture them at their best.
Remarkably,this was recorded on a cassette half way back in the hall, which belies the extremely hi-fidelity quality of this recording somewhat. 


A1 State Room 3:40
A2 Like This 3:01
A3 Fingers & Toes 3:02
A4 Pop 4:40
A5 Crabs 4:29
B1 Duty 2:10
B2 Cain & Abel 3:50
B3 Do It 2:16
B4 Tuning 0:43
B5 Flies 0:58
B6 Benidorm 1:42
B7 Night By The Sea 4:54


Robert Gomez said...

Chris Cutler on drums!

rev.b said...

I don't think I've heard this one. The Work have a way of hitting a specific nerve than one except This Heat can reach. Well played Jonny, thanks for this.

Anonymous said...

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Jonny Zchivago said...

Ha Haaaaa....Spam I know, but,I simply had to publish that one.

Unknown said...

Aha, your transitions are as smooth as ever.

This LP used to retail at twice the price because it was Japan-made, not because it was recorded from the back of the hall, in Middle Hall, or featured AMOS. The latter did not "sing" in fact, Night By The Sea excepted, but spoke behind Tim, who sang. AMOS instead played the most fantastic bass since Janick Top recorded with Magma or thereabouts.

I saw them on this tour and the one before, snippets of both are documented on the Worst of Everywhere tape, DIY that one. But no AMOS or Cutler alas. My guess is he was in town, recording True Tears at the time. Because he is a genius, he could learn Fingers & Toes in three days or three hours, and play it live.

I saw Charles Bullen live at OTO last year, and I could swear that Tim's hawaiian electric guitar was on stage. Bullen did not attack it, regrettably, with his african drumsticks. You cannot have everything.