Thursday, 29 March 2018

Fraser ‎– "Archaeology" (Anti Hero Records ‎– AH 008) 1989

The lost album from the Unrest,Work and Play archives wot I found on the interweb in an atrociously low bit-rate, but its still not too bad compared to some of the cassettes that are on here.
Its basically a solo album by Chris Fraser of UWP, but sounds exactly like said group.
If you don't know what 'said group' sounds like click here.
In words, disjointed Avant-Prog songs sung in a post-psychedelic style that was quite typical of the groups on Recommended Records.So don't expect melodies that have predictable sequences, or conform to 4/4 verse chorus verse standards.
Seems that Chris disappeared after this obscure magnum opus.


A1 Archaeology
A2 Everything Looks Different
A3 Steep Descent
A4 Customs
A5 Clear
B1 Pointless
B2 Where And When
B3 0119
B4 Cellarman
B5 Misconstrued

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