Sunday, 25 March 2018

Officer! ‎– "Yes Yes No No Yes No Yes" (Officer! Self-released ‎– NO 001) 1988

Whereas "Cough" from 1985 reminded me of 'The Dirty Three', this lime green offering from the second summer of love reminds me of 'The Legendary Pink Dots' or maybe a more dysfunctional Deep Freeze Mice"?
This is an unfortunate comparison as I can't stand 'The LPD's', but love 'The Dirty Three',even'The Deep Freeze Mice' are growing on me,whereas they used to leave me cold (haha!?).
It's not quite as irritating as any LPD's release, and its eccentrically shambling and jaunty quality is actually rather charming.
The LPD's wore obvious influences on their sleeves, in their Casiotone Syd Barrett stylee, but I can't really identify Officer's specific inspirations, beyond perhaps some tuneful prog, like Caravan maybe?
Above all, this was one of the better records from the year that carved its name on the tombstone for the rock group forever,and the year zero of 'Chav' culture.I doubt Mick Hobbs was ever seen with a Brian Jones haircut shaking a pair of maracas or a tambourine ,dancing like a Twat!


A1 Coma
A2 R Tune
A3 Simone
A4 Old St
A5 Remove Your Hat (Parts 1 & 2)
B1 (I've Got A) Nice Girlfriend
B2 (I Only Want To Make You) Smile
B3 Truck
B4 Hid It ('Cos I Wanted You To Find It)
B5 Gawping
B6 Bright Star


_sto said...

well thank you very much for making me think of the guy with the painted face (edward k-s) when I listen to this (which I probably won't do any more from now on). luckily, further down there is the best officer-song ever (tunnels).

Jonny Zchivago said...

I'm sincerely sorry that I brought that image into your world!....I try not to think of Edward K-S at all if I can help it.....however..."Tunnels" is up next.

parmalee said...

Haven't listened to this one yet--but I'm looking forward to hearing the speculative possible Caravan influence! Incidentally, do you have that Dead Unique recording made in Baltimore sometime in the late 90's? I don't, but I'm hoping you do--some, erm, acquainatances (I hesistate to call them "friends") play on that one.

parmalee said...

Oops... A couple of typos in my prior comment. Shoulda fixed before I hit send.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Well you might have guessed......yes I have.
I will upload it later on, and i may as well post it while i'm on a Mick Hobbs trip. Been looking forward to putting his Strobe Talbot collaboration with Jad Fair up, but i'm sure i can wait another day.
Yeah, I alway hesitate to refer to anyone as 'friend'; I did score 28 out of 50 in several online Aspergers tests....apparently that's borderline,31 being...go to the doctor. if it gets me advantages as a registered disabled person I'm there!

Anonymous said...

Edward Ka-Spel rules