Friday, 30 March 2018

Strobe Talbot ‎– "20 Pop Songs" (Alternative Tentacles ‎– Virus 273) 2001

Is there a group that Mick Hobbs wasn't in? Family Fodder, The Work, The Momes,Officer! Half Japanese and....the magnificent Strobe Talbot.Which is essentially Jad Fair,Hobbs and a drummer.
Jad Fairs childlike freedom is infectious.The tumbling time signatures liberate your mind forged manacles.The jumbled song structures erase the last thirty years of pop music in one stroke.
As far as I'm concerned this IS pop music, and one of my favourite records of the 21st century, which is a very exclusive list indeed.
The opening tune makes me happy and almost want to dance, and would be laughed out of any serious record company offices anywhere in the developed world.Its that good.

DOWNLOAD 20 unpopular pop songs HERE!


W. said...

Really looking forward to this.

Alexei said...

Thank you!