Thursday, 8 March 2018

Yximalloo - "The Worst Of 1986" (Sakura Wrechords) 1994

Yximalloo makes music with small samplers,small synths and drum machines that suggests pre-emulator Residents.Sounds promising doesn't it?
Again one is bludgeoned to death with the sheer number of wacky and weird tunes that suffers from 'The White Album' syndrome.Mozart may have written too many notes in his symphonies but Ishimaru writes,if that's the correct term(?),far too many tunes.Although I guess this was just a small fraction of what he actually 'wrote' in 1986;he must have done this stuff everyday, all day, for his entire life so far?Prolific isn't the word for this obsession.
The recording quality has also increased into the Hi-Fi spectrum,which is a small negative.These minute and a half long events always sounded better in the fog of analogue tape hiss for me.


1. Man's Man
2. Chinese Ballet
3. Millitarhythm
4. Papa Pencak Silat
5. Dt-On-On-On
6. Village of People of Farm of Normal
7. The Old Lady from The New Territory
8. Dance Dance Dance until The 3rd World War
9. He Talks to Ashtray
10. 100 en
11. Fundoshi Men
12. Russkoe
13. Picnic for The Hungry Ghosts
14. < + 1 ?
15. Local Opens Market
16. Magic for Avoiding Bomb
17. Gross National Welfare Rhapsody
18. Gas Ceremony of Local Society
19. Hi-Hy-Hi Tech Agriculture
20. J. P. N. Corps
21. Low Clouds
22. Retrocommission
23. Force
24. The Biggest War
25. Temple of 1000 Buddhas
26. Night Tripper Animals's Internal Organs
27. Dewisri
28. The Political Dynamics
29. Okama on The Hall
30. Erotic Shooting
31. A Few Brief Lines
32. Kintamani
33. Exchanging Semen

DOWNLOAD the greatest hits from 86 HERE!

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rev.b said...

There have been a lot of fun. I've been really enjoying them. Taking them with me on a visit to the in-laws to pester my niece and nephew. If they don't get 'em, no one else will..... 'cept me.