Tuesday, 27 March 2018

The Lo Yo Yo ‎– "Extra Weapons" (Floppy Discs ‎– FLOP 1) 1985

The early eighties were full of generic groups and generic people like this who fitted in with the waves of fashionable right-on-ness, temporarily. What's surprising is that Mick Hobbs of The Work was in it,and it was recorded at Cold Storage by Charles Bullen(This Heat).
There is a Family Fodder connection however, Mick and Alig of The lo Yo Yo were guilty of this.
Nonetheless,"Extra Weapons" is a fairly weedy, late in the day attempt at hip chart-worthyness, like a  lo-budget Belle Stars or a more middle class Au Pairs or The Passions.Christ there are even a couple of 'white Reggae' numbers to add a rather unpleasant cherry to the top.The Beefheart inspired name is definitely a red herring left out of the fridge for too long.
Most of the members of The Lo Yo Yo would have disappeared back to their day-jobs at a Solicitors Firm, or as a senior member of the councils social equality department,or as a candidate for the Green Party, after this brief foray into pop music.But at least they could tell the kids that they were in a band once.
Weren't we all?....and ,sadly, still are!


A1 Bad Intentions
A2 All The Atrocities
A3 I Can Hold My Own Hand
A4 Learning To Fly
A5 Petroleum
B1 More To Come
B2 China Blue
B3 Cache-Cache
B4 You Never Know
B5 Cog
B6 The History Of Weaponry


Purely Circumstantial said...

Why so bitter! It's not that bad lol

Jonny Zchivago said...

Bloody hell, if you think that write up was bitter you've lead a sheltered life.

pinkie said...

Yeah you ought to see him when he gets going (Crass anyone haha)