Tuesday, 27 March 2018

The Lo Yo Yo ‎– "Extra Weapons" (Floppy Discs ‎– FLOP 1) 1985

The early eighties were full of generic groups and generic people like this who fitted in with the waves of fashionable right-on-ness, temporarily. What's surprising is that Mick Hobbs of The Work was in it,and it was recorded at Cold Storage by Charles Bullen(This Heat).
There is a Family Fodder connection however, Mick and Alig of The lo Yo Yo were guilty of this.
Nonetheless,"Extra Weapons" is a fairly weedy, late in the day attempt at hip chart-worthyness, like a  lo-budget Belle Stars or a more middle class Au Pairs or The Passions.Christ there are even a couple of 'white Reggae' numbers to add a rather unpleasant cherry to the top.The Beefheart inspired name is definitely a red herring left out of the fridge for too long.
Most of the members of The Lo Yo Yo would have disappeared back to their day-jobs at a Solicitors Firm, or as a senior member of the councils social equality department,or as a candidate for the Green Party, after this brief foray into pop music.But at least they could tell the kids that they were in a band once.
Weren't we all?....and ,sadly, still are!


A1 Bad Intentions
A2 All The Atrocities
A3 I Can Hold My Own Hand
A4 Learning To Fly
A5 Petroleum
B1 More To Come
B2 China Blue
B3 Cache-Cache
B4 You Never Know
B5 Cog
B6 The History Of Weaponry

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