Saturday, 10 March 2018

Yximalloo - "15 Songs" (Sakura Wrechords) 1982

An album with 24 tracks that's called "15 Songs"?
More certified lunacy from the padded walled sound factory of Yximalloo.This time collaborating with the legendary inventor of 'House' (Not that that's something to be proud of!?), Sympathy Nervous.
Thankfully,there is no proto-dance culture on this cassette and is aimed more at the mind than the feet;but where that mind is is anyone's guess?


A1 A Fire #12
A2 A Stone #26
A3 A Bird
A4 A Snake
A5 A Fish
A6 A Stone #16
A7 A Fire #4
A8 A Grass
A9 A Stone #25
A10 A Ghost
A11 A Star
A12 A Stone #27
A13 A Dance
A14 A Stone #11
B1 A Horse
B2 A Water #8
B3 A Wood
B4 A Cow
B5 A Water #10
B6 A Man
B7 A Stone #23
B8 A Moon
B9 A Water #9
B10 A Fire #6

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Anonymous said...

Sympathy Nervous and Yximalloo are among my all time favorite artists.

I had no idea they collaborated. THANK YOU for the upload!!